Erdogan’s Spotlight Interview

7 August 2016 Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan granted an interview to the European journalist . During the interview Erdogan answered currently important questions: accession to the EU, Kurdish question, etc.
Answering the question about accession to the EU Turkish president said: The EU does not behave in a sincere way with Turkey. There are currently 3 million refugees in Turkey, and the only concern of EU member states is that those refugees do not reach their territories. The EU suggested that we accept the readmissions (of migrants coming from Turkey) in exchange for visa liberalization for Turkish citizens. The readmission agreement and the visa liberalization were to come into force simultaneously on June 1. It is now August and the visa liberalization is still pending. If our claims are not met, we will have to stop readmissions. The EU conducts low-down policy.
Journalist also asked Erdogan’s opinion about Kurdish-Turkish conflict. Answering this question he upheld the position that Turkey is conducting anti-terrorist operation and protecting the territory. He said that the Kurds are supplying arms to terrorist organizations and putting up money for their attacks. Turkish president declared that Turkey must neutralize terrorists and root out Gulen organization. He also added: “All of them go in with each other”.



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