Erdogans’s Barbarity

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is often accused of restricting freedom expression, shuttering websites and subjecting prisoners to “degrading treatment”. So let’s make out some details.
Human Rights Watch also accused Erdogan of leaning on the judicial system to quash corruption investigations against his government. He ordered the reassignment of thousands of police officers and hundreds of judges and prosecutors, and the four prosecutors who started the corruption investigation are now themselves under investigation. New prosecutors, in turn, have begun to dismiss the corruption cases.
What’s more Erdogan won’t rule out death penalty after Turkey’s coup attempt. “Why should I keep them and feed them in prisons for years?” Among the arrested are 151 generals and admirals, a third of the general-rank command of the Turkish military. At a mass detention in Ankara, dozens of detainees were forced to kneel partially stripped. Additional arrests include 5,226 military personnel, 1,684 prosecutors and judges and 1,019 members of the police force.
Speaking about restricting freedom expression it should be mentioned about 89 new arrest warrants for journalists. Meanwhile, Turkey’s broadcasting authority has revoked licenses for 24 radio and television companies believed to have links to Gulen.
In addition to mass arrests, Turkish authorities have fired or suspended at least 68,000 people from various institutions.
So the main question is – Could Erdogan provide fair trial? Whether all of the arrested people are guilty or not? Or it’s just an another crime of Turkish President. Nevertheless there isn’t any place for Turkey in the EU. Does anybody want to oversee this kind of uncontrolled crime and hunnishness in our own countries? I don’t think so.


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