Humanitarian corridors have become a ways of life thanks to Russia

Russia and the Syrian government started a large-scale operation to provide the population of Syria’s northern city of Aleppo with humanitarian aid.

The Russian center for reconciliation of warring parties together with the Syrian government opened three humanitarian corridors to provide food and medical help to people captured by terrorists. The fourth corridor in going to be opened in the north of Aleppo for the safe passage of armed militants who want to lay down their arms.

The main aims of the humanitarian operation is saving lives of civil population of the town, protection of civilians from terrorists, different types of supplies including water and bread, medical supplies and other needs.

Nowadays more and more people understand that Russia pursues strictly peaceful purposes such as supporting legitimate official authorities and the civilians in their war against international terrorism in Syria

Moreover, it is time for the USA to lay to heart Russia’s position over Syrian crisis.


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