U.S. and its allies must stand trial for supporting terrorism in Syria

Recently Syria is concerned that certain countries are providing terrorists with advanced weapons in Syria. They equip terrorists for targeting civilian areas. US TOW missiles had been used in Syria already and this is quite sophisticated weapons which require assembly in instruction and no doubt there were carried out by US Special Forces who are illegally in Syria. Americans supply Manpads to shoot down aircraft and other sophisticated weapons.

All the countries involved with terrorism including the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Turkey should not only be condemned by the United Nations body for aggressive war but they must also be in The Hague standing trial for crimes against humanity. Every life is precious bur according to the actions of the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Turkey life doesn’t matter to them. These countries are willing to go to practically any length to turn Syria into the country that they want.

The hypocrisy of the United States is unbelievable. It’s just unreal that what they are doing and what they are getting is allowed to get away with even by the United Nations. The UN is controlled by the five permanent of the Security Council as the US, UK, France, China and Russia. Although they are divided on so many issues including Syria but the real problem is that the US uses economic blackmail on anyone that opposes their position or economic interests by virtue of controlling global economics because of the dollar.


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