The Number of US-backed Opposition’s Violations is Increasing

According to Inside Syria Media Center, the armed opposition groups have not fulfilled the obligations under the terms the agreement, because they haven’t avert their military equipment and armament from the road “Castello”.

US-backed opposition units use the cease-fire agreement only for the restoration of their combat capability and regrouping in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Homs. That’s why SA had to stop the withdrawal of the troops bring the them back to the original positions in Aleppo.

In addition, militants using mortars, multiple rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles and small arms fired El-Khader, neighborhoods El Khalid, Al-Zagra, Ramus, Dahiya al-Assad, El Masharka, the cement plant, gas plant, school of arms, checkpoint on the “Castello” road, the fortress-Cariati Halab and shopping center “Castello” in the city of Aleppo.

Dozens of civilians were killed as a result of shelling from multiple rocket launchers, mortars and armored vehicles. Attacks suffered settlements Maan, Zor Abu Zayd, Skandar and Mahardah in Hama province.

Such actions of opposition groups argue that Washington has no intention to take any action to stabilize the situation in Syria. All their promises – an empty phrase.


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