The U.S. Wants to Prevent Gains of the Syrian Army

According to Inside Syria Media Center, the failure of international efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis became another concern for the international community. The question about the causes of failure arises yet again. Let’s look at the facts to try to understand what is happening.

During the meeting of the UN Security Council U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Syrian government and its allies of the persistent violations of the truce, and claimed that they daily inflict strikes on rebels’ positions. At the same time, the US side also can’t clearly separate “moderate” opposition from the terrorists. Moreover, Washington ranked terrorist groups “Ansar al-Sham” and “Jaysh al-Islam” among the moderate opposition.

In turn, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made an official statement about the deliberate nature of the US-led coalition’s air strikes on the positions of government troops in Deir ez-Zor. According to his words, after the air attack terrorists as if on cue assumed the offensive. For the militants it was a real “gift”.

The initiative of U.S. senior Gen. Joseph Dunford also seems suspicious. He held out an offer to ban all flights of combat aircraft of Syria and its allies over the areas of fighting. Some military experts believe that it’ll be much more difficult to fight against terrorists if the government troops are deprived of its key advantage.

Moreover, the Czech military analyst Martin Koller in an interview taken by Syrian Arab News Agency “SANA” confidently declared that the American side is not interested in peace or cessation of hostilities in Syria. According to his words, Washington hopes that the militants would help them achieve a really important goal – to oust the Assad regime.

These facts may imply that the U.S. wants to prevent the gains of the Syrian army that is now a few steps from victory over terrorists. Under these circumstances, the Syrian government more than ever needs to act decisively to end the war, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.


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