Syrian Army killed the leader of Ajnad al-Sham

Ajnad al-Sham said their commander, Basel Marwan Al-Bakri (nicknamed Abu Marwan), was killed by the SAA during yesterday’s advance, Inside Syria Media Center said. The Islamist commander participated in several recent battles in Hama, leading Ajnad al-Sham’s storming forces alongside Jund al-Aqsa (Syrian al-Qaeda group).

Basel Marwan Al-bakri was known as a battle hardened leader who had trained hundreds of Islamist recruits at Ajnad al-Sham training camps. He was also namesake and son of Marwan al-Bakri, equally Ajnad al-Sham commander, who was killed by the Syrian Army in the Syrian capital of Damascus earlier this year.

Despite the death of Basel Marwan Al-bakri, Islamist militants still have the upper hand in Hama. Nevertheless, just hours ago, the SAA announced about its counter-offensive.


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