Syrian opposition prepares new provocations. “Day of Wrath” in Aleppo

Recently the battles in Aleppo became the most intensive during the whole time of the Syrian crisis. Government forces have to fight for every house and street.

The current situation in Aleppo is commented on the highest level. During the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council that was held on Sept. 25 Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar Jaafari announced that the Syrian Army will eventually liberate Aleppo.

Indeed, Jaafari words began to be implemented. According to Al-Masdar News (AMN), Friday, Sept. 30, the Syrian Army established full control over the Kindi Hospital in northern Aleppo. Militants occupied the area since 2013 and used it to control the road Castello, on which humanitarian aid is delivered in Aleppo.

In addition, Syrian troops backed by allies took control of the Handarate camp, which has been occupied by the militants of Fatah-Aleppo for several months. It is known that this group bombarded not only Syrian army positions, but also residential neighborhoods of Aleppo.

However, the critical issue for today is the calls of opposition leaders to organize “Day of Wrath” on September 30. It is likely that the expected protests held after Friday prayers. It is possible that during the so-called “protest” the opposition will hold subversion not only in Aleppo but also in other major cities of Syria.

Hopefully, this Friday will not be a bloody day in the history of the Syrian crisis. Aleppo residents are tired of the protracted war and pray for peace. Syrian government forces in particular give them hope for it.


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