Montenegrin maze for the West


As the election to the Montenegro’s Parliament approaches the confrontation between the ruling party headed by the Prime-minister Milo Djukanovich and opposition represented first of all by coalitions “Democratic Front” and “Key” is increasing. The PM opponents’s main claims are the absence of democratic reforms in the country and criminalization of the power.

Thereby anti-government moods prevail among the majority population of foremost the country and unite those who want to see the country in the EU and supporters of closer relations with Russia. At the same time the most powerful Western institutions such as NATO and mentioned European Union support the Montenegrin Prime Minister, pushing themselves from their own allies.

Leaders of some European countries are trying to retain Djukanovic’s power, because he, in their opinion, should lead Montenegro towards membership in EU and NATO. But taking into consideration the mood of the population and opposition, which has never concealed its political preferences, we can easily distinguish two fundamental misdoings of the West.

Foremost, the coalition includes European integration supporters who are not less than the supporters of the country’s traditionally pro-Russian course. Many parliamentarians already have experience of working in different European institutions and in fact know that Djukanovic’s policies and governance practices have nothing to do with the European ones.

These members of the Parliament are those progressive forces that capable of not only in words but also in deeds contribute to the implementation of programs required for the entry of Montenegro into the European Union.

It is worth noting that the prime minister took over a lot of obligations in accordance with the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU. However, according to the updated dossier on the accession of Montenegro to the EU of the more than 30 chapters made only two – Chapter 25 “Science and Research” and chapter 26 “Education and culture”. But since the signing of the agreement in October 2007 no less than nine years have passed.

It turns out that the West helps the one who has made the least effort to fulfill the criteria of association with the united Europe. This discrepancy with the public mood did not add the popularity of any European leaders or their policies, nor the idea of joining the EU.

Secondly, with an inexplicable haste the Alliance announced its intention to quickly admit Montenegro as a member. Following the requirements of the patrons, Djukanovic “did everything in his power” for the country’s accession to the alliance – announced its intention to carry out the necessary conditions confirming them with the Parliament’s approval. And again there are only words and promises.

There is a situation, when the supporters of the European integration are wondering why the same NATO supports Milo Djukanovic. Prior to joining the Alliance Montenegro will have to hold serious reforms aimed at adapting the economy and political institutions to the requirements of the military unit. It means that the main European corrupt official and smuggler are invited to fight against organized crime, corruption, and to ensure “the prevailing of public support for the membership in NATO.

But what is to be done with the population of the republic, which still can not forgive the Alliance for bombing of Yugoslavia and Montenegro (as part of Yugoslavia). Nobody says that in the future such an attitude to the Block won’t change, but now the NATO membership at the bidding of Djukanovic is a “red flag” for at least half of the population.

Such a short-sightedness of the West and its ignorance of the real situation in the country involuntarily suggest that it would be necessary to refrain from showing support for someone’s address. Montenegrins should be allowed to choose their own future, the well-being of which is unthinkable in the case of saving the power of the “national anti-hero” Djukanovic.


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