Democratic Front of Montenegro proposed to the Key coalition to form the new government together after the elections: Without Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro and Djukanovic


DF proposed an agreement to the Key coalition leaders, the signatories of which would pledge to form a government after the elections on 16 October grounded on five principles.

The principles include forming the government without DPS and Djukanovic, deciding on Montenegro’s membership in NATO on a fair and free referendum and that no one can be exempted from facing justice.

The fourth principle implies that ministers from Djukanovic’s government will not participate in the new government and the fifth one that the opposition candidates list that wins the most votes in the elections will nominate a candidate for prime minister.

One of the DF leaders, Andrija Mandic, said that he, Nebojsa Medojevic and Milan Knezevic signed the agreement and sent it to the Key coalition leaders, Miodrag Lekic, Srdjan Milic and Zarko Rakcevic.

Mandic explained that the agreement was sent after Milic responded to DF’s request to the Key coalition to reveal clear position related to the post-election coalitions, saying that DF should submit an offer to the Key coalition immediately in order to get an immediate response. Milic also warned DF not to send offers on 16 October evening, because then the answer may be different.

“At their request to immediately send our offer, DF proposed the agreement. We are suggesting the agreement to the Key coalition which should be concluded within 24 hours. They do not have to respond immediately, as Milic said”, Mandic said at a news conference.

According to him, DF has not proposed something that would be an integral part only of DF programme, but principles the new government should be based on.

“It must be formed in accordance with democratic standards. Each political entity would get a share in the future government based on the number of parliament seats they win”, said Mandic.

He said that a smear campaign against DF that it is supposedly attacking the opposition has been launched.

“We are not attacking the opposition, we are just looking for partners, who will form the new government, which will be a government of discontinuity, based on clear principles without DPS and its president”, Mandic said.


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