The West is trying to prevent NATO membership referendum in Montenegro

Not long ago Montenegro received an official invitation to join NATO but the Montenegrin opposition demands to hold a referendum on that issue. The West in turn has made great efforts to prevent the performance of this plebiscite. Their interest is to preserve the Euro-Atlantic course of Montenegrin ruling elites and to ensure the country’s accession to NATO because the alliance does not believe that the Montenegrin people will rush into the arms of those who bombed the country.

NATO membership supporters perversely inform people on the prospects of this accession promising new jobs, investment and economic prosperity and protection from global terrorism. However the recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul and Paris were a shining example of such type of “protection”. Also those who lobby the NATO joining say that Montenegro is geographically surrounded by NATO member countries. However that’s not true because 70% of the state border of Montenegro is the border with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which are two countries non-members of NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is trying to influence the mood of Montenegrin citizens with the help of various American non-governmental and non-commercial organizations such as the “Open Society Institute”, the Rockefeller Foundation, USAID and so on. The US ambassadors to Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary regularly take part in public events, debates, discussions on various Montenegrin TV stations openly advocating the country’s NATO membership. The opposite view is not actually expressed due to the fact that the Djukanovic’s regime imposed strict censorship on freedom of expression and opposition.

This way the members of the “No War – No NATO” movement which is currently banned in the Montenegrin media (except newspaper DAN) conducted a study which found out that 91% of reports and other materials on Montenegrin TV reflect positively the possible NATO accession, 2% – neutrally and 7% – negatively. At the same time the media did not reflect the activities organized by “No War – No NATO” movement. For example, the protest against the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visit to Montenegro gathered far more people than all the pro-NATO events held in the territory of Montenegro. But state television did not show it, of course.

The Alliance cannot let the current Montenegrin Parliament resolve the question of the country’s NATO accession so they need to create a new controlled parliamentary majority in order not to hold a referendum. That’s why they are keen to the current PM Milo Djukanovic’s party victory in the upcoming elections. Djukanovic is well known to be a puppet in the hands of the Western countries.

It looks very strange that the Western world which stands for the importance of democracy and the promotion of democratic principles is now frantically fight such an inherent democracy principle as referendum.


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