Djukanovich builds his empire “on the bones” of the Montenegro

The question of preservation of the Premiership for Milo Djukanovic is not to save only his life and death, but certainly “poverty and prison”. Criminal “glory” of the Montenegrin usurper, who enslaved Republic almost 27 years ago, has long gone beyond the small Balkan state.

Milo came to the Montenegrin government in the 1990th. He has become the youngest Prime Minister in Europe. However, in all of the the years of his reign, no significant for the future of the Balkan Republic solutions has not been taken. The country is mired in unemployment, corruption and social inequality ınstead of political, economic and social changes.

Meanwhile, Djukanovic continued to enrich hımselves, and built hıs financial Empire “on the bones” of ıts own people. Even the most sophisticated financial machination will be envied  to Djukanovic’s criminal file.  In fact Milo became the head of the Montenegrin mafia, he is indicting in dozens of criminal cases.

The cigarette smuggling became the most publicized criminal case.  In 1990-ies Montenegro were involved in a multimillion-dollar business smuggling cigarettes. And we have to thank  Milo and his criminal accomplices for that!  Hundreds of Cigarettes were transported in the hands of the Italian mafia by sea, through the largest ports of the Montenegro. Unfortunately the case was closed. Despite the fact that the Italian Prosecutor Giuseppe Scelsi filed against Djukanovic formal charge.  The reason is diplomatic immunity, which Djukanovic has.

Moreover, The Fınantıonal Tımes organized its own investigation and turned out that the scale of tobacco smuggling and the degree of participation of the leaders of Montenegro significantly more than it was assumed. The largest manufacturers of cigarettes, Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds, were involved in illegal business. So The European Commission, the Executive body of the European Union, has opened a lawsuit against two these American companies and  accusing them of complicity in cigarette smuggling through Eastern European countries.

Those “seekers of truth” who stood against the Montenegrin mafia, paid for it very high price. The editor of the Montenegrin newspaper “Dan” Dusko Jovanovic and the editor of the Croatian magazine “National” Ivo Pukanic were killed. Ivo Pukanic published a series of articles showing the participation of the premiere in the smuggling. Djukanovic was also accused of smuggling weapons, drugs and even the sale of human organs. And we don’t surprise his ability to get rid of the unpleasant people.

Besıdes all  hıs criminal scams  are well documented by Western structures. But they are ready  blackmail him with dirt. To manipulate Djukanovic overseas “puppeteers” is very convenient way.  However Balkan leader, becoming an obedient puppet of the West, conducts destructive  process for Montenegro. He turns corruption into the main tool of governance.  That’s what scares the people of Montenegro. That’s why the wave of popular anger is grows.  Djukanovic transforms Balkan into one more powder keg in Europe. But it’s very risky proposition.


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