It is time for Djukanovic’s to retire


The election campaign to the Parliament of Montenegro has entered the final stage. In fact this is the election of the Prime Minister of the country as by law the winning party is entitled to nominate the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.
Acting Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and his party want to enter NATO and the European Union as soon as possible. The opposition is against such a foreign policy direction. However it seems not to be the most important thing in this election campaign. The opposition strongly believes that only defeated Djukanovic will save the state and the nation from complete devastation.

The opposition’s election campaign is quite aggressive towards the ruling regime. Almost every weekend its leaders hold political debate rallies in different cities of the country. These rallies leave no stone unturned in the domestic and foreign policy of Djukanovic and his associates. The ranks of the opposition grew significantly, especially among the youth.

This caused anxiety and concern among the authorities. Therefore the ruling elite is trying to prevent active actions of the opposition forces in various ways.
For a long time the opposition in Montenegro indicates a failure to respect the democratic rights and press freedom in the country. The ruling circles strongly abuse their privileged position as evidenced by the repeated violent dispersal of peaceful rallies and protests in different cities.

Djukanovic’s government has deliberately not taken any measures to ensure favorable conditions for new democratic elections to the national parliament. For example they still have not introduced an electronic system of voter identification. A transparent procedure for monitoring of the activities of secret services is not established. And still there is no equal access to the media which are very actively used by the regime to achieve its goals.

Information on events organized by the opposition are not only being poorly garnered media coverage in Montenegro but also blocked by the Western media while the prime minister’s face more often found on the front pages of newspapers.
In this election more than ever people massively take absentee ballots. This is alarming and suggests that they may be falsified.

All this once again confirms the fact that the current regime is not able to compete with the opposition without the use of illegitimate administrative leverage.



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