Revolt against the last dictator in Europe

According to the annual ranking of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Montenegro is gradually losing its position in the global competitiveness arena. Now the Republic places the 82nd – compared to the previous year it has dropped as much as 12 positions. The “stumbling block” for the country as a whole and for Montenegrin business in particular is a difficult economic situation. And for that Montenegro should “thank” the acting Prime Minister Djukanovic. The Montenegrin dictator has exceeded all the records of a “political viability”. He rules the country more then 25 years and tends to think that Montenegro is his own feudal possession.

However such words as honor, morality and conscience simply do not exist in the “political dictionary” of the Premiere. They have been superseded by the concept of the personal financial well-being. Never mind that it was built at the cost of the Montenegrins.

But what else can we expect from a man gained the fame of the main corrupt of the country? Djukanovic has repeatedly been involved in different kinds of economic scams and financial conspiracies. He is charged with not only smuggling cigarettes, arms and drugs, but the trade in human organs. Both the Montenegrin and foreign law enforcement agencies have repeatedly tried to prosecute Djukanovic for his “business”. But until recently he has been able to evade the responsibility. Partly thanks to the diplomatic immunity partly due to his well established relations among the state structures.

As a result Djukanovic took the proud Balkan Republic to pieces. Behind the picturesque “facade” of the Adriatic resorts economic instability, unemployment, social inequality and rising crime are hidden. Metallurgy, the key industrial sector of the Republic, is in the decline. Hundreds of unemployed are waiting for the state’s promised payments, but the power ignores their demands. The tourist business came under attack as people refuse to go to a country covered by popular unrest. And on the eve of the scheduled for October 16 parliamentary elections the voice of the people is becoming louder and louder.

The fierce political struggle has never been so violent in the previously quiet little Adriatic country. A new special “dish” is added to the political “menu” of the country – the people’s hatred bringing together hundreds of thousands of the proud and freedom-loving inhabitants of Montenegro.

The electoral race for the seats in a new Assembly came out on the finishing line. The two country’s main opposition unions included more than a dozen of parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties and movements “Democratic front” and “Key” are withstanding the Democratic party of socialists (actually – the party of Djukanovic).

In the country the campaign under the telling title “WeorHe” (MiiliOn) has been launched. The name of that campaign implies in particular “millions” stolen by Djukanovic. Meanwhile the Montenegrin Premier once again is convincing the citizens that Montenegro is on the “right path” and to live in the country will be fine. But he does not specify to whom.3


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