Mass electoral process violations are being prepared in Montenegro


Member of the Presidium of the Democratic Front Nebojsa Medojević sent a letter to the special prosecutor Milivoje Katnić in which he reported on alleged purchase of citizen personal identity documents and possible planning of riots at night time October 16-17.

Medojević and the “Democratic Front” accuse the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of these actions.


“To The Special Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption”

To Mr. Milivoje Katnić,

Subject: The information about criminal offenses organized by leaders of the DPS and other related persons including violation of electoral rights, receiving and giving bribes, falsifying of documents, creating of social tension, disturbing of public order, damage to political parties property and others.


Dear Mr. Katnić,

According to the above-mentioned information the DPS has a comprehensive action plan which is aimed at the state order during or after the parliamentary elections in Montenegro October 16:

  1. Buying of votes

According to sources this Friday at 24.00 40 activists of the DPS will receive 50 000 euros. These activists will have to give 50-100 euros to their relatives who do not participate in the elections. They should give the DPS activists ballot papers which they will have received at the polling station. The activists are supposed to carry out ballot-stuffing in favor of the DPS. Mostly it will take place in the north of Montenegro. The Bulgarian mafia and the Secret Police of the Sofia district named “Ovcha Kupel” are involved in manufacturing of fake ballot papers, other personal documents and money (the information is to be checked). One of the participants is Vesko Dimitrov aka “Batko” whose courier is Z. J., the chairman of the DPS local council from Karabushskoe Pole (sentenced to 10 years in prison for participating in international counterfeiting in 2010) and another National Security Agency of Montenegro (NSA) agent in Karouch.

  1. Payment for the arrival of members of the diaspora

The DPS used following activists for this case: Austria: B. brothers (names unrecognized); Netherlands: the team of M.D. and B. (the name is not recognized); France: M. S; Germany: E. S. and the H. family; Luxembourg: J.A., M. R. and E. H. (in Luxembourg) and M.M.A (The owner the S. company who is engaged in the bus transportation and payment) and Petnica.

Personal documents of those who will not come to Montenegro were obtained for a fee starting from 300 euros. Unknown individuals will vote using their names and documents. They are mostly Bosnian muslims, Albanians, Gypsy and several Serbs from Sjenica, New Pazar, Tutina, Pec, Djakovica, Gnilyana. Infiltration, supplies and transportation to the polling place is performed by agents of the NSA of Montenegro from Beloje Pole. The infiltration of these people is planned for Friday and Saturday night. They will be distributed to houses of the DPS activists and on the voting day they will receive personal documents. M.P. coordinates this operation (we do not have exact information).

  1. Purchase of personal documents

Direct documents purchase is executed in the house of a well-known owner of a gambling house close to the regime. Three coordinators received instructions to buy personal documents with great care. They were sent to buy papers of the poor relatives from suburbs of Niksic, Pljevlja, Beran, Andrijevica, Zabljak, Rozhae (on the outskirts of the village of Belo Pole) who are going to vote for the opposition. It is necessary to convince them with money not to go to the polls or to vote for the DPS.

A senior operational officer-Muslim of the NSA of Montenegro who lives in Istanbul purchased 2300 personal documents from citizens who have dual citizenship but not going to vote. There are tickets bought for the Bosnian Muslims and Albanians for US – Podgorica, Paris – Podgorica, Bech – Podgorica, Frankfurt – Podgorica flights October 13-16. M. S. and the B. brothers are still buying documents! The arrival by buses of  xxxx man by 250-300 euros documents is planned from Germany only.


Personal documents are bought by groups of 10-15 people from Podgorica. They are organizers and executors.

V.V., M.K. and his brother J.C., S.D., R.D, J.K., B.R., M.P. – a total of 17 taxi drivers whose director R.J. covered by his taxi company twenty-four-hour buys personal documents for 100-150 euros. 4300 personal identity papers of people who are indifferent or vote for the opposition have been bought on the territory. It is planned that the DPS activists will buy personal documents dressed with the Democratic Front T-shirts. Afterwards they will be accused of electoral violations by m

  1. Organizing the Election Day Riots and Demonizing The Democratic Front

On Election Day, a selected group of thugs will form a convoy to stream nationalist and Serbian flags –with no Montenegrin one- while going around the city. They will head for districts where minorities live to fire torches screaming out “Crooked Milo” and ”Victory”. This action is to be between 10 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.

Should it happens that the DPS gets less than 40 % on Election Day between 6 pm and 7 pm, a group of young people headed by B. and G. together with 30 or 40 individuals from Konik, Stari Aerodrom and Karabusko Polje are to attack the polling stations where the opposition will gain more votes breaking ballot boxes, provoking incidents and shouting the DF’s slogans. They will wear the DF’s tee shirts quoting ”We or Him” and throw rocks at the DPS headquarters and Pink TV company office. They will make it look like the DF’s representatives hit on authorities, the DPS and media, to impose then a state of emergency and announce elections as invalid.

There is also an elaborated plan to disrupt the DF supporters mass meeting as well as V-Day at 4:10 p.m.

As many people will rush to Podgorica seven activists of the DPS affiliated with NSA are to block the Budosh tunnel at Nickshich that will cause traffic jams and blocking of North road to the city. Thus, they will hold back about 10,000 people.

Both the Special antiterrorist service’s militants and activists have been remunerated with 1,500 euros, paid bills and a discount card of Lakovich market

They also plan to bribe officials at 10 or 15 polling places to make them silent about large-scale electoral fraud. Election officials’ enrollment is to be at night just before the elections. DPS activists and NSAА fellows will gather at homes. The greatest threat is thought to be at Plevel, Niksic and Beloje Pole.




The Democratic Front

Nejbosha Medoevich


General Committee Member


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