Djukanovic’s false sociologists fight for NATO

1Djukanovic-controlled media replicate the data of election polls fabricated under controled sociological agencies

One of these was held false polls were made by Djukanovic controlled polling agency “Damar” on the country’s membership in NATO. According to the “study” the idea of accession of Montenegro to the Alliance is supporteded by 47.3% of the population, 37.1% were against and 15% of Montenegrins were still undecided. According to the organizers the survey was attended by over a thousand respondents from 10 municipalities. This fake supported by Djukanovic’s “friends” in Berlin was been replicated all over the world by a well-respected radio station “Deutche Welle” and then by other international media.

In fact the situation is quite different. At least 70% of the population are opposed to possible NATO accession. This is evidenced by the opinions of experts, and unbiased case studies. According to the Internet referendum, organized by Marco Milachichem more than 72% of the population voted for the preservation of the neutral status of Montenegro. Out of 600 thousand residents more than 20 thousand participated in the online voting. Opportunities to vote from abroad or “cheat” counter have been completely ruled out.

Not more credible are other “researches” made under control of Djukanovic’s so called “sociologists”. The Democratic Party of Socialists lead by Djukanovic predicted a calm victory in the upcoming elections.


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