Montenegro is a potential cradle of a revolution


After the closure of the biggest bakery “Zhitko” in Budva hundreds of workers were fired. Now they are trying to get their severance pay from the city administration.

“We were just thrown away. We haven’t got any money paid from then. We protest against the situation provoked by the administration of the city. Factories all over the country are closed, thousands of workers are fired”, – stated one of the organizers of the protest.

The factory that supplied with bred not only the city of Budva but also other locality of the community of Budva was closed in June 2015 because of hygiene breaches. As the ex-workers say damn near Milo Djukanovic came leading the hygiene inspection.

Why did Djukanovic close the bakery in Budva? The reason is that the owner of the factory was the “Orbis” company which is known to be one of the Djukanovic’s opponents. But eliminating his rival Djukanovic made unemployed more than 200 people.

The word “crisis” has become common to the people of Budva. The closure of the bakery almost killed all the local industry.

The city lives only with the touristic income. A simple Montenegrin hardly can be taken to work in the touristic industry. The casting is very tough.

The situation in other cities of Montenegro is almost the same. In Podgoritza the ex-workers of the Aluminum factory protest demanding pay them the severance which is now about 5.45 million euros.

It is not surprising that there’s a mass protest ripens in Montenegro. The country rises to fight unemployment, corruption and social difference becoming a “cradle of the revolution”.

The Premiere didn’t take into account the main thing – he could not hate his people so openly. Djukanovic fights for his seat but fighting against all the people of the country made fury by him is a hopeless thing. This will give power to the protesters.


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