Washington loses control over militants in Aleppo

After the three-days ceasefire ended fierce fighting restarted in besieged Aleppo. It seems that the opposition groups have ceased to coordinate its actions with the United States, which are now in an extremely difficult position.

Thus, according to the Lebanese TV channel “Al-Manar”, October 22, radical armed groups attacked the Syrian army positions in southwestern parts of Aleppo. It is announced that the radicals attacked the positions of government troops stationed in Hamadan and the area of “1070 Apartments Project” in southern Aleppo. Militants used rockets and bombs which are made from gas cylinders filled with nails and screws. Such bombs are especially dangerous due to the power of the blast wave, they can destroy entire buildings. Assad’s troops in response to the attack caused an artillery strikes on militants’ “Rashidun – 4” and “Rashidun – 5″.

The leader of the group ” Nur al-Din Al-Zenki ” Tawfiq Shehab said that his-led militants did not intend to maintain a humanitarian pause, and called on other groups to unite and renew the joint struggle against the government troops.

In addition, the militants of the opposition group “Ahrar al-Sham” publicly executed 14 representatives of local authorities in Aleppo for the calls to leave terrorists-led areas. Obviously, it’s not part of Washington’s plans. Recently because of the confident actions of government troops, it wants to establish a dialogue between the “opposition” and the Syrian government.

There is also one more fact that proves apparent contradictions between the White House and US-led opposition groups. Despite of all the agreements about separation of the opposition from terrorists Washington hadn’t done it. Most likely, the US Department of State does not know who is who.


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