Djukanovic: “Split operation”


In his maniacal urge to consolidate his grip over power as the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic does not disdain any of the dirtiest methods. He tries to split the Serbian Orthodox Church, which preserves bravely the independence and has its own opinion about what is happening in the country. Of course, such a situation doesn’t meet the interests of current government.

The Prime Minister does not act only by himself. His right-hand man is Mihailo (Miras Dedeich), “Metropolitan” of the so-called Montenegrin Orthodox Church. This pseudo hierarch does not hesitate to speak publicly using Euro-Atlantic slogans, such as the hope to “a fast entry into the EU and NATO.” Moreover by maintaining the myth that the riots were allegedly planned in the country during the parliamentary elections with the participation of the Serbs, he said that the Serbian Orthodox Church is a “terrorist organization” and that the prosecutors “should initiate a criminal case against it.” According to him Belgrade is going to provoke a civil war in Montenegro to bring the country to the “status of the colony.” Such a striking coincidence between the “Metropolitan” statements and the stance of the authorities!

Djukanovic made an obedient tool from the”Montenegrin Orthodox Church” in his own hands. It strikes canonical Serbian Orthodox Church and change people consciousness. And it can not only lead to a split inside the Church, but also to a split of the whole society. The majority and young people in particular often fail to understand what the truth is and where it turns into hoax. Therefore, one member of the family can go to the dissenters and the other one to the canonical Church temple.

Surely there are vested interests of the Prime Minister and his false priests. We are talking about the possibility to get some property which is pursued by the Serbian Orthodox Church, for example, land and buildings. All this can be very useful to Djukanovic in his criminal economics. It is very convenient to use the robe to conceal sins. In this case a head of state himself can always remain on the sidelines.

By putting such experiments, Djukanovic betrays his people, blindly embedding in a typical American design, which can be observed in Ukraine, where splitting “orthodox” church already exists. But Djukanovic does not think about the consequences. The split in the church can really lead to a serious shake-up inside the society. And that could be the beginning of the end…


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