The Montenegrin authorities cover the true organizer of the “coup”


The most discussed topic of Montenegro is the arrest of a group of twenty Serbs led by the former head of the Gendarmerie of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia Bratislav Dikic by local police. They are accused of creating a terrorist group which was planning a coup.

However, despite claims of the Prime Minister Djukanovic and his subordinates about the existence of a “Serbian conspiracy” there is no evidence of that. Moreover, according to available data, the preparation of the “coup” was done by a good friend of Milo Djukanovic named Radoitza Rajo Bozovic. No one doubts that this “conspiracy” is a well-planned operation of the Montenegrin Prime Minister to discredit the Montenegrin opposition and Serbia.

Radoitza Rajo Bozovic is a former commander of the “Red Berets” special forces of the Ministry of Security of Yugoslavia whose hands are stained with blood. His name was mentioned in the ICTY courtroom (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia). Back in 1998, Bozovic with a group of his co-workers came to the leader of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, becoming its mainstay and headed the special police of the country.

After his dismissal this “thug” was repeatedly detained by the police for various crimes but thanks to the patronage of Milo Djukanovic he consistently avoided the punishment. It happened again this time when the Montenegrin Prime Minister used his ties of Bozovic for the organization of a “coup”. Bozovic wasn’t among the detainees.

If M.Djukanovic really wants to execute an investigation and find the culprits why he allows the organizer to remain free? Either Radoitza Rajo Bozovic to be detained and interrogated, or the answer is obvious – the whole case of the revolution is simply a farce.


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