Whom does the EU support?


Lately they have been talking a lot about the aimed to Europe integrational process of Ukraine. Earlier EU and USA politics almost promised the new Ukrainian powers the NATO and EU membership. Now they fortunately have completely forgotten about it. I will explain you why.

Foremost, Ukraine is going to be an “ankle” drowning the European economy and filling work positions with low-paid and low-qualified staff. We all remember the Greek example which tends to be the best possible warning for Europe.

Secondly, we are trying to communicate with all-illegitimate Ukrainian ruling group. According to a former Ukrainian parliament (the Rada) member and now an opposition politician Vladimir Oleynik (you can read the whole article on http://perevorot.info/Perevorot-eng.pdf ) a totally unconstitutional change of power in Ukraine did not take the official power out of the former Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich. Oleinik also says that Ukrainian president cannot be changed by a coup d’état or revolutionary events.

Washington and Brussels should think twice dealing with Poroshenko and his team in order not to get troubled in the future. Only time will tell us which way we should have gone but now we must try to minimize all the possible negative effects of our giving political preferences to an unreliable power in Ukraine.


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